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Arianna Anderson, N.D.

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Why should we care about digestive health?

  • Most common cause of chronic illness is poor eating habits / food selection
  • Digestion is imperative in helping body cope with these decisions
  • Poor digestion can amplify effects of these bad choices and habits
  • Cell regeneration is started with the consumption and breakdown of food and supplements
  • Proper digestion is needed for the extraction of vitamins and minerals from the food and supplements
  • Poor digestion will lead to less cell regeneration, leaving body more susceptible to toxins and infections

What bodily processes occur in digestion?

  • Controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system (which I call the “brake pedal”),
    body needs to be in relaxed enough state for digestion to occur
  • Stress eating and rapid eating is not a good condition for proper digestion
  • Each mouthful should be chewed 32 times! Digestion starts first in the mouth
  • Esophagus, Stomach, Intestines
    ○ 3 main organs used in digestion
    ○ Changes to stomach acidity can affect all three of these organs!
  • Liver and Gallbladder processes
    ○ Liver creates bile needed to break down fats
    ○ Gallbladder holds this bile until food is consumed, then the bile is released in the upper
    part of the small intestine called the duodenum

How can I improve my digestive health personally?

  • Avoid processed carbohydrates
    Usually fortified with increased gluten, which is tough to digest because of large size of gluten compounds (high molecular weights in comparison to non-gluten carbohydrates) High gluten composition is used to proliferate shelf life
  • Avoid dairy, eggs, processed meats if gastrointestinal problems are already present
    ○ Processed meats have high concentrations of nitrates - also hard to digest
    ○ Nitrates are added to these meats to stop growth of harmful bacteria, but can be converted to nitrosamines during cooking - which are carcinogens. These carcinogens are also present in the smoke of tobacco
  • Avoid using antacids to remedy gastrointestinal discomfort
    ○ Antacids will only amplify your problems! Stops naturally occurring hydrochloric acid from breaking down food molecules to the best of its ability by neutralizing this stomach acid
    ○ Can disrupt calcium digestion - can lead to bone decay and loss
    ○ Can deteriorate gastrointestinal lining - this protects the structures needed for digestion in the body!

Closing thoughts

From a naturopathic view, I strive to help your body regain normal health and function. For digestion, this is to help your body digest food more efficiently by restoring function of the organs used in digestion along with education on the foods and supplements to take in and to avoid. By reading this, the importance of optimal digestive health should show its importance, along with how to achieve this optimal health. I welcome any questions you may have!

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