Michelle_Geerken___Jay21.jpg Before I started the improvement program with Arianna for my digestion, I was trying to regulate my stomach acid and heal my liver damage which (I believe) was a direct result of taking Nexium for 10+ years for acid reflux. After an extended illness and some noticeable side affects, I decided to wean myself off of Nexium. I was experiencing a lot of stomach pain, acid reflux, and bouts of irritable bowel with diarrhea. I had no energy and was depressed.

Under Arianna’s advice I started taking supplements in addition to my weekly chiropractic appointments with Dr. Anderson to improve my digestive health including wholefood and herbal supplements. I started seeing results almost immediately after taking these supplements she had recommended. I had a lot less heartburn, my stomach pain started to subside, and there were fewer bouts of severe irritable bowel with diarrhea. I also finally stopped losing weight and hair, and my energy started coming back.

Now, I am taking only one supplement before meals. As a direct result of closely monitoring my dietary intake, I have discovered that I am lactose intolerant. So, I have added enzymes to the probiotics that I am taking. My acid reflux is now under control without medicine. I have learned which foods to avoid. My stomach pain has all but disappeared andI no longer get bouts of diarrhea. Another bonus is that I no longer get migraines which I have had on and off for years.

I can’t thank Dr. Anderson and Arianna enough for all the help they have given me to get my body back to digestive health. -Michelle

Drew.png Before I started the nutritional supplement plan provided by Arianna at Anderson Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing a long list of negative symptoms. Starting in September of last year, I was experiencing intense heartburn on a daily basis. Regardless of what I ate (or didn’t eat), I was taking 15 to 20 anti-acids a day. After trying alternative diets and cutting acidic foods and drinks out of my daily intake, things weren’t getting any better. On top of that, some of my other symptoms included depression, anxiety, tiredness and fogginess, gassiness, and irritability. I had also begun to develop an eye twitch that lasted for the better part of a month. I’m only 23, so the fact that I was experiencing all of these symptoms was concerning.

After meeting with Arianna and sharing my different symptoms, she put me on a plan that would help. Little did I know that my digestive track was causing most, if not ALL of the symptoms I was experiencing. In the matter of only a few months, my heartburn was virtually non-existent, and I was no longer taking ANY anti-acids! As for my depression and anxiety, I went from experiencing “very high highs” and “very low lows” to experiencing more of an evened out and consistent mood throughout the day. After my “gut” was back in check, all of the other symptoms I was experiencing in the past began to fade away!

It has now been over a year that I’ve been taking supplements and paying closer attention to my diet, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Arianna was able to pin point the different areas of my diet that were causing issues for me, as well as select supplements that were specific to my symptoms, and fix all of the problems I was having! -Drew


Before coming to see Arianna at Anderson Family Chiropractic I had many symptoms associated with low thyroid function. During my three years dealing with hypothyroidism I have battled with hair loss to the point that I had limited my hair brushing, because of the volume of hair that would fall out.

Within just a month of consulting with Arianna and taking the recommended supplements, I noticed a tremendous improvement. I no longer had a handful of hair in the sink and my scalp was not sensitive to the touch! -Maria

Emmitt_Ziegler.jpg Emmitt was a month old and exclusively breast fed. He was spitting up breast milk with almost every feeding. He was fussy at night with lots of belly gas, therefore making it hard for him to be put to sleep. You could hear his belly rolling and could feel the bubbles moving when you held him. He was also starting to only lay his head to the left side and would cry if you tried to move it to the other side.

Immediately after his first adjustment he was turning his head to both sides. That same night I was able to get him to bed easily. But the best thing of all was he stopped spitting up his breastmilk! This lasted about a week and then he needed another adjustment because the symptoms returned. After the second adjustment the symptoms went away and lasted almost a week again before returning. Dr. Anderson recommended that Emmitt receive a Nutrition Response Test to see if there were any other underlying causes to the problem.

Emmitt was nutrition response tested by Arianna and she suggested a wholefood supplement to resolve his immediate reflux symptoms. He also tested for a variety of food sensitivities that I had to remove from MY diet so those proteins didn’t show up in my breast milk. After sprinkling the supplement in an ounce of his breastmilk prior to his regular feeding that evening we noticed a happy and content baby! He fell asleep better and seemed more comfortable. The noise and feel of gas bubbles in his belly subsided. We continued the supplement and I removed the offending foods from my diet. A few weeks later we were able to completely eliminate the supplement. His belly has remained happy ever since! -Emmitt & his Mom

Tory.png My overall health was in a bad place. My diet consisted of junk food, chocolate, fast food, pop, and a lot more chocolate!!! This resulted in my having very little energy and feeling sluggish throughout my day. I felt very run down and realized that my body was lacking essential nutrients.

Now I follow a program provided by AFC specifically tailored to me. Now I have learned to make healthier choices in my diet. I always knew I needed to eat healthier, but now I know how. Surprisingly, I’ve found quite a few foods—GREEN FOODS—that are good for me AND I enjoy!!!

Now that I went to AFC and gave Nutritional Response Testing a shot, it has changed my life drastically for the better! The supplements that I take have given me more energy, provide my body with the nutrients it needs, and make me feel better overall. I’ve noticed that if I miss a day of supplements I start to feel like I did before! I have a lot more energy and my overall stamina has improved greatly.

I now feel
more upbeat. The “baby steps” that I have taken have created great improvements. I’m sure that soon enough those “baby step” will be “leaps and bounds”. -Tory

Linda_Bordner_Head_Shot.jpg I was flare dealing with my third flare-up of diverticulosis since May [5 months prior]. I had been in pain for four weeks prior to setting a consultation with Arianna. After three weeks on the program, my pain was gone! The supplements along with diet changes seem to make a huge difference. Who knew foods I thought were healthy were actually part of my problem. I am now able to eat beef, pork, and chicken which had been eliminated from my diet.

I am still being careful not to eat too many gluten grains and sugar items, but I have been able to eat nuts, seeds, and popcorn which I thought were bad for my condition. I look forward to maintenance levels, introducing some sensitive items back into my diet, and allowing my body to remain healthy. -Linda

Lawrence_KohlerA.jpg Before coming to Anderson Family Chiropractic my health was very poor and I was taking various medications for my diagnosed ailments. My eating habits were poor and I didn’t follow any type of nutrition plan or have health goals.

Now with taking supplements and having better nutrition by changing my eating habits, my health has improved and I feel much better all around. My blood pressure has decreased, I no longer have heart burn, I have more energy, and I am losing weight! Also, I have been able to come off my cholesterol and blood pressure medications due to my improvement of health.

The staff has become like family to us and Ari is very knowledgeable. If she doesn’t know something, she will figure it out for you! -Lawrence

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