I was experiencing lower back pain for a while. Then one morning I woke up and wasn’t able to get out of bed. I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. After several tests they said I had a herniated disc. I walked with a limp and a cane for several months while trying different treatments such as: physical therapy, injections in my spine for pain, a TENS unit, and heavy narcotics. However, nothing worked.

I came to Dr. Anderson and learned a lot more about my spine during our consult together and evaluation. I started receiving adjustments three times a week. After the first adjustment I was walking without my cane and after the first week my limp was gone!

Chiropractic care was the only thing that worked for me and I had such immediate results! I wish I would have started with Dr. Anderson first…I would have saved myself a lot of time, money and pain! -Nicole


I was looking for relief from the symptom of my 2nd bout of Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. The first time lasted 9 months and this round was into the 5th month of vertigo and feeling like I just got off a cruise ship. I had been to my family doctor and to specialists with no relief. The dizziness was mentally and physically draining and I read that chiropractic care had been beneficial to some people suffering from Debarquement Syndrome.

I had been driving by Anderson Family Chiropractic nearly every day, to and from work, and decided to stop in and inquire about services. Dr. Anderson was honest and told me he had never heard of my condition but suggested we try some visits after he did some research. I agreed to give it a try since traditional medicine suggested the only treatment for Debarquement Syndrome is to wait it out!

There are cases where the symptoms last for years and after 5 months (the 2nd bout) I was becoming depressed and no longer could enjoy my favorite past time - playing tennis. After the first two weeks [of receiving chiropractic care] the rocking sensation started to subside and I became hopeful that the symptoms would disappear. Shortly after that, no more dizziness or rocking! We then scheduled a maintenance program, once per week, that addressed my neck, spine, and shoulders. I have found I have less back and knee pain and my posture is straighter and my tennis game is back. I have had knee, shoulder, and hand surgery prior to AFC. Since my visits with much less body ache and pain!

Thank you AFC!!! -Joe

Wyat033.jpg Wyatt was a couple months old and we noticed he favored laying to his right side. His head was not only getting a large flat spot but his entire body started to curve to that side. When you held him up he was literally shaped like the letter “C”. He was starting to develop torticollis. His pediatrician sug


gested us getting a helmet to re-shape his head and to do physical therapy. However, Wyatt would scream if you tried to move his head to the other side. So, we decided to see Dr. Anderson instead.

Wyatt started getting regular chiropractic adjustments and he started to straighten out. He also started to lay on the left side of his head more often. He stopped screaming when you tried to move him, get him dressed or even buckled into his car seat. Over time his flat spot filled in, too! -Wyatt & his Mom

Mike_pic_2.jpg My job is very physically demanding. I had tennis elbow so badly I couldn’t lift my arm above my head. This made it very hard for me to do my job. My family doctor suggested physical therapy, So, I started going. They gave me medication orally and in a patch, then they did a different treatment. However, the pain never decreased after a month of going. $1,200 later, I was not any better.

My wife suggested seeing Doctor Anderson. After my first adjustment I felt relief and after three adjustments I had NO pain and gained FULL movement. I haven’t had any problems since then! -Mike

Emmitt_Ziegler_2a.jpg Emmitt was a month old and exclusively breast fed. He was spitting up breast milk with almost every feeding. He was fussy at night with lots of belly gas, therefore making it hard for him to be put to sleep. You could hear his belly rolling and could feel the bubbles moving when you held him. He was also starting to only lay his head to the left side and would cry if you tried to move it to the other side.

Immediately after his first adjustment he was turning his head to both sides. That same night I was able to get him to bed easily. But the best thing of all was he stopped spitting up his breastmilk! This lasted about a week and then he needed another adjustment because the symptoms returned. After the second adjustment the symptoms went away and lasted almost a week again before returning. Dr. Anderson recommended that Emmitt receive a Nutrition Response Test to see if there were any other underlying causes to the problem.

Emmitt was nutrition response tested by Arianna and she suggested a wholefood supplement to resolve his immediate reflux symptoms. He also tested for a variety of food sensitivities that I had to remove from MY diet so those proteins didn’t show up in my breast milk. After sprinkling the supplement in an ounce of his breastmilk prior to his regular feeding that evening we noticed a happy and content baby! He fell asleep better and seemed more comfortable. The noise and feel of gas bubbles in his belly subsided. We continued the supplement and I removed the offending foods from my diet. A few weeks later we were able to completely eliminate the supplement. His belly has remained happy ever since!

-Emmitt & his Mom

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