Heart Sound Recorder

heart sound recorder

The Heart Sound Recorder is a low-risk general wellness cardiac stress monitor with a specialized microphone strategically positioned to hear and record the sounds of the four heart valves.

What does the Heart Sound Recorder show?

heart sound recorder

 •  Monitors certain types of heart stress by recording the rate, rhythm, and tone of the heart cycle.

 •  Assists healthcare providers in observing the heart’s reaction to certain chemical, nutritional, and emotional stressors.

 •  Monitors the heart’s response to external stimuli such as vitamins, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol by observing changes in characteristics of the heart’s waveform.

 •  Provides comparison graphs that can help determine the effectiveness of actions taken to improve quality of life.

What can I learn from the Heart Sound Recorder?

 •  Heart Rate – Is it too fast, too slow, or, just right?

 •  Heart Rhythm—Is it regular or irregular?

 •  Heart Tone – Is it STRONG enough with no signs of weakness? Or is there need for improvement?

 •  Autonomic Nervous System Balance – Are you constantly “hitting the gas pedal” or “riding the brakes”?  It is important for your nervous system to be in proper balance.

 •  Nutritional Support for the Heart -Individualized supplement recommendations, and exercise considerations are provided to improve your quality of life.

heart sound recorder details

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